Astral Breathwork CLASS (virtual)

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Virtual class via ZOOM
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Astral Breathwork is an ancient three-step breathing technique that allows you to transform your emotional state and process all that your heart, body, and mind have been holding onto consciously and subconsciously. It heals trauma, moves stuck energy, removes anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. It is a compelling way of connecting with your body and moving through heavy and unwanted patterns written in your nervous system, opening your heart and your intuition to the embodied wisdom of your soul. Breathwork healed me from years of trauma written all over my nervous system, it is very close to my heart to offer this to you. After a session, you will feel a sense of clarity, peace, focus, creativity, and centeredness, walking into your journey with a different system.

Grab some headphones, a blanket, and crystals, let’s release!

Remember that we used to think the body and the mind were sepa­rate and distinct? Your entire body is intelligent, not just your brain. Your organs are separate intelligent agents within your body that perform certain functions and also produce specific emotions or feelings!

Ancient physicians were right! If you are feeling an emotion of anger, it’s not coming entirely from your brain; the energy of the emotional vibration you are feeling is emanating from your liver or gallbladder.

The power of conscious breathing goes far beyond mere relaxation. By accelerating your breathing, and increasing your air intake, you induce changes in your body chemistry. Your blood becomes heavily oxygenated, as carbon dioxide levels drop. This often causes tingling sensations and other physical symptoms, energetic releases. These is the energy of the grief, pain, trauma, guilt, sadness or any feeling that has not been process but yet is being carried in your magnetic field. You might not even be aware that you have it, yet it is keeping you blocked, in a limiting belief pattern, or stuck. The tingly sensation is the released that happens after setting the mind and body into a place of comfort with moving through what would seem really uncomfortable to process in a natural state of mind. This is where the magic flows!

This breath can also induce powerful altered states of consciousness. These altered states vary tremendously, based on the individual, the method, the set and setting, and other factors. But they are often profoundly healing and therapeutic and involve processing repressed emotions and traumas, confronting addictions, problematic behaviors, and other personal issues.

Occasionally, this breathing can produce visionary states, spiritual experiences of profound meaning, beauty, and connection – up to and including the ultimate mystical experience of union with God, being at one with the universe.

If you have never experienced this practice, I highly recommend it. I first tried breathwork as a participant in 2016, and it changed my life. I was able to unroot deep trauma that was holding me down into a constant state of anxiety, and PTSD. It taught my body to process emotions and circumstances at the same time as they are happening, moving through things in a constant flow of connection with my higher self.


Love, Maria