Aqua Terra Retreat – COSTA RICA

about this event

AQUA TERRA ᨉᨊ Watering the Earth Body

In the colourful, vibrant and biodiverse lands of Costa Rica, join Jaclyn Hodes of AWAVEAWAKE, Camille Piazza of Cora Camino and Kari Jansen of Poppy and Someday, as we dance in commune with the elements, connecting us to our authentic beauty and innate resilience, through ritual with nature and the cosmos. 


A five night, multi-dimensional women’s retreat, engaging the body, heart and soul. We will weave together a tapestry of supportive practices, walking each day in ceremony through the wisdom of Ayurveda, the elements, with our deep devotion to mama Nature.


AQUA — TERRA will draw upon the primordial elements of Earth & Water, in the rich and rooted season of Kapha. We invite you to renew & cleanse as we walk together on this beautiful journey, finding a peaceful balance, attuning natural visions to the gentle inner rhythms, allowing space for the creative voice to stir, as the jungle awakens oceanic worlds within.


What we will Weave:

—Our passion for plants and their wisdom with Herbal Plant Walks, Medicine-making ateliers, Natural plant-dyeing & Ceremonial incense crafting

—Ceremonial Bathing & Natural Beauty Rituals, Color therapy, Ayurvedic adornment, Ayurvedic Lymphatic whole body & womb massages, 

—Morning Tea Meditation, Intuitive yoga & medicinal movement, IxCacao & Breath Ceremony, Kundalini, Star Gazing…


May your body be nourished well with local, seasonal and high vibrational wholefoods by the beautiful Glenda Saborio Marin & Community. 


Our tropical retreat house:

Nestled amongst the coastal palms of the Costa Rican jungle, Cuatro Vientos will hold all our learnings, rhythms and laughter, offering privacy, open spaces, clarity and freedom to roam. Located in Malpais, one minute walk from one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and ten minutes from laidback surf town, Santa Teresa. 


Rest, Rejuvenate & Reawaken the magic of AQUA—TERRA, as we create a real and embodied space for holistic healing and transformation by the sea.


Deposit of $1000 to hold your spot. This is non refundable deposit. Payment due in full by January 1st.

– Private Room (Early-Bird) – $3333

– Full Price – $3600

– Shared Room (Early-Bird)- $2800

– Full price – $3000

*Ticket does not include flights to Costa Rica or transport to Santa Teresa/ Mal Pais. Group transfers can be organised From Santa Teresa to Retreat space.