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Pressing pause is sometimes all we need. Life can often seem like there is little to no opportunity to press reset. Juggling life, work and everything in-between and with the social conditioning of putting everything else first before ourselves, running on empty has become part and parcel of life. But what if your reset wasn’t to undo the things that dwelled within your mind, but to embrace them and completely change your prospective of them? A total, mind, body and soul rest, helping to create the foundation of what is to come. Our Immersion Weekends are moments to truly focus on self. They are weekends that challenge your prospective and viewpoint of personal obstacles, challenges and uncertainties. Giving you a stronger understanding of self and a better prospective of your life and your place within it. Connecting you deeper to people and place within a supportive yet accountable space.

Join us for an intimate immersion weekend over 3 nights, 4 days on our Self-Healing Retreat, with space held by Anoushka Florence, nestled in the remote and idyllic English Countryside in a private renovated luxury barn, immersed within the rolling countryside. This private escape will play home to an intimate number of guests, putting your healing journey and wellbeing at the heart of our home.


At Consciously Connected Travel we are approaching our retreats from an altogether different perspective. Utilising travel as the tools for local and self discovery and as the catalyst to cultivate inner and outer emotional and physical change. Each retreat collaborates with a leading health and wellness expert from around the world, providing a specific focus and purpose, in addition to a curated team of some of the best holistic practitioners and an immersive, transformational and exploratory program that connects you to people and place. Allowing you to discover a destination, while rediscovering yourself. Replenish your mind, body and soul, through the ideology that everything lies within us. We are simply acting as your catalyst to unlocking it and creating a space that allows you to be you.

By joining in a Consciously Connected Retreat, you join us in Planting a Seed as part of our philanthropic initiatives which sees every trip support a local project or community, teamed with offsetting your carbon footprint through planting a tree for every traveller.


Our Self Healing Retreat will be led by Anoushka Florence.

Her work is based on ancient spiritual feminine practices that are grounded in the belief and knowing that the power to heal, to manifest and to live the life we dream to live comes from within.

Anoushka’s heart led intuitive approach is supported by using practices she learnt from Wise Women along her path including; shamanic journeying meditations, powerful elemental feminine rituals, moon phase immersion, astrology and energy healing.

Having worked with big companies such as Facebook and Vogue to travelling to the biggest festivals such as Wilderness and Wanderlust and overseas to spiritual bohemian havens such as Tulum and Sedona her work is spreading from her intimate living room circles to pop ups all around the world.



  • Price: £1,200 or £1,600 GBP per person based on single or double occupancy.
  • Only Deposits are being accepted at this time. To voice your interest in joining this Retreat, simply head to checkout, complete the intake form and pay the deposit. We will assess all interested parties and notify those that are approved. If you are not approved your deposit will be refunded. If you are approved further payments will be requested. The option for a FULL PAYMENT or opting for a PAYMENT PLAN will be made available.


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