Accessing the Unbounded Embrace

about this event

Exploring the Essence of Deep Connection that Underlies All Partner Dance

“Hello Bay Area! I am so thrilled to be visiting you once again after so long to dance and connect. This weekend is the first in my beta test of my new facilitator training program. The weekend will serve as a pre-requisite Foundations and Fundamentals of Mindful Partner Dance for anyone interested in becoming a Cocréa facilitator.

I look forward to dancing with you!”

~ Wren LaFeet

A continually evolving holistic, embodiment practice, Cocréa strives to seamlessly weave the following into coherence through the connected fluidity of Fusion partner dance as inspired by American vernacular Jazz and Urban dances:

  • Skills and Practices for Navigating Empowered Interpersonal Relationships
    • The importance of Consent and Communication
    • The practice of coming into Right Relationship
  • Mindfulness Practices
  • The Organic Expression of Authentic Movement 
  • Concepts from Contact Improvisation
  • Deconstructing Gendered Dance Rolls 
  • Exploration of the Resolution of Conflict through the lens of Theater as a Pathway of Transformation
  • A Contemplative Approach to Life through the Wild Wisdom of the Gene Keys
  • Deep Ecology and the Role of Humans and Dance in Earth Stewardship
  • The Potency and Power of the Breath
  • Power and Surrender

Whether you’re completely new to partner dance, have been dancing in other spaces for awhile, or have a completely different embodiment practice, this workshop is an opportunity to support you in taking your embodied movement with others to a new level! 

Cocréa = Collaborative, Organic Connection, Revolutionizing Embodied Awareness.

What is being offered: Cocréa is as much a path of personal development as it is a training ground to become a better dancer. This two day workshop will be an exploration of embodiment and refinement in listening – both with the self and others. We will embrace form and structure, and deepen into a practice of presence with one another.

Playing within the structures common to many of the world’s social partner dances, participants will learn tools to invite and allow an easeful flow to emerge through deep listening and responding in presence with the moment. Through meeting and joining energy, we emphasize connection, communication and creative expression between two humans within a community of others.

Themes we’ll play through: 

  • Consent
  • Emergence
  • Polarity – the Mutable Energetics of Lead and Follow
  • Change and Co-Creation
  • Pause
  • Patience
  • Stretching into Discomfort and Uncertainty as an Opportunity for Growth
  • Shaping intention and energy for Optimal Listening

What the attendee could learn/intention of the workshop: 

  • Core Stability & Balance
  • Lead-Follow-Neutral Dynamics
  • Variable Frames of Connection
  • Accessing Intuitive Movement
  • Expanding Connection Points
  • Activating Your ‘Spinaesthesia’ (Jedi Musicality)
  • Embodying the Freedom of the Sacred Clown

Building on the foundational elements of social partner dance technique as our common language, Wren LaFeet’s playful and sincere guidance teaches how to wield creative expression with consideration to another body and practice nuanced responsiveness to one another in improvisational, co-created dance. Cocréa is a gateway to accessing the body’s wisdom to deepening Self and relational attunement. Our intention is to explore form and play creatively from our heart, body and spirit, in full support and appreciation of ourselves and one another.


This workshop is accessible to movers of all experience levels.


Cocréa believes in providing low income access to those in need. Please only choose one the lower priced or free options if paying the full price would constitute a financial burden. Thank you!

On another level of access, this is admittedly not accessible for all bodies at this location due to stairs. Our apologies if this impacts you negatively and we will have other opportunities. 


The Finnish Hall

1970 Chestnut Street

Berkeley, CA 94702


Saturday Oct. 7th: 11am-4pm

  • Embodied Consent
  • Physics for the Dancing Body
  • Embodying your Sacred Clown

Sunday Oct. 8thth: 11am-4pm

  • Jedi Musicality ((or)) Becoming Sound
  • Spirals, Revolution and Backbody Awareness Development
  • Kintimacy: Breathing into Wholeness through Community


Wearing masks is absolutely welcome. Due to California’s current updated requirements, neither negative COVID tests nor vaccines will be required. We reserve the right to update this policy on a daily basis should need arise. 

If you’re not feeling well, even a little, please don’t come! Please be in the mindset of care and do your best to be mindful of how you interact leading up to this event.


Comfortable clothes to move in

Two pairs of socks

A water bottle

An extra layer for warmth

Natural deodorant if needed (please no perfumes or chemy scented stuff as facilitator is and others may be allergic)

A snack/lunch to stay nourished


Wren is an embodiment guide intent on learning how to be in right-relationship as a 21st century human so he can best serve life. A trained dancer and theater worker, Wren shares body-based practices synthesized from social partner dance, mindfulness, Taoism, the Gene Keys, waterways and personal experience that support interpersonal connection and positive change. In 2013, Wren co-founded Cocréa as a vehicle for exploring mindful, consent based relational practice through movement and dance. Channeling this intelligence, he creates brave spaces for humans struggling with disconnection and longing for a deeper sense of belonging to come home to themselves through the body. Wren’s own many years of seeking have led him through stage acting, film making, circus, nomadism, psychedelic-informed music culture, consent culture, decolonization work, permaculture and most presently, addiction recovery counseling. Along his path, nature, community, relationship and movement are the consistent threads with which Wren braids meaning and purpose into life. Wren currently abides on the stolen lands of the Amun Mutsen and Awaswas peoples, in the San Lorenzo river watershed, in the so-called region of Santa Cruz, California. He has been dancing since 1998 and began performing on stage when he was 6 years old. He works with Embodied Recovery in Los Gatos, CA. 


  • BA in Drama and Dance, University of Washington
  • 12 years experience offering movement and embodiment facilitation professionally
  • Author in the published work, “Reinhabiting the Village”
  • TEDxBend speaker, “Pioneering the New Renaissance through Movement”
  • HeartMath Certified Trauma-Sensitive Practitioner
  • RADT-1 Substance Abuse Recovery Counselor, Embodied Recovery
  • Graduate of Embody More Love program, Do Good Things With Power, Zahava Griss
  • Certified Attunement Therapy practitioner, Tristan Bray
  • Awake at Work Facilitator Training Graduate, Anakha Comen
  • Certified Danyasa Inspired Yoga Instructor, Sofiah Thom
  • Co-Creator of the Momentom Collective Green Residency
  • Featured Presenter: Abundant Leadership Retreats, Embodiment Conference, Body Intelligence Summit, Conscious Dancer Podcast, Beloved Festival (4 years), Oregon Country Fair (5 years), Envision Festival (5 years)