Abiding in Love: Online Relationship Series

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3 Part Live Online Course 

December 6, 13, 20  (recordings available)

One of the central blocks for humans is the fear that love can leave us. That someone or a situation can take away love and can take away what is fundamental to who we are and what we need to be fulfilled. We live our lives and make our choices based on these very natural fears and perspectives. These beliefs are quietly, often unconsciously impacting our choices and how our life is unfolding.

Yet, love is not something we find. It is who we are

And who we are, our power, our truth, our satisfaction, our wisdom, can not be taken away by anyone other than ourselves. 

Abiding In Love is a course inviting you to focus on experiencing true love, as your default setting. Both from a conceptual perspective and a mind-body landscape, Abiding In Love will offer you the guidance and choice to rewire and re-habituate your intellect and your physiology, your mind and your body, in the direction of abiding in love. 

You can begin to live from the deep knowing that love is indestructible.

From here you can inhabit your life with greater freedom, trust, and fearlessness. 

From here you can know that what you vision, long for and sense from the depths of you, is your true heritage.

Abiding in Love will also offer relational skills. To support you in being sovereign and rooted in who you are and what you need, as well as, open hearted and available to others and the world. 

Both of these aspects of the course can support you to exist bountifully, peacefully and creatively and to offer your presence and gifts with greater potency, awareness and warmth.

Abiding in Love is for you if you wish to:

  • feel full as you are, regardlessness of outer circumstances
  • be an invitation for resonant love
  • inhabit your natural radiance and magnetism
  • claim and commit to your life and what is important to you
  • develop a meditation practice
  • release the grips of fear around failure, perfectionism and time
  • offer your gifts to the world while feeling vital
  • release shame in expressing yourself and taking up space
  • expand your experience of connection
  • make choices from truth and courage
  • live with self-responsibility and impeccability
  • release stories of the past and impossibility
  • have access to peace and homecoming in any moment

Expect beneficent shifts in your life vision, relationships, work, finances, health, as well as how you perceive and care for your mind, body and what you prioritize.

Each Class Includes: 

༄ A teaching about the given theme

༄ One guided meditation for your daily practice 

༄ Practical guidance to move out of blocks

༄ Contemplations to bring clarity and illumination to your experience

༄ Time to respond to questions related to your unique situation 


December 6, 13, 20  (recordings available)

90 minutes Tuesdays from 11am to 12:30pm  (GMT-6)

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We will meet online via Zoom

*Recordings will be sent the day after each class.