10/10 Portal Soul Journey: Aries Full Moon Breath, Dance, Sound Ceremony

about this event

You are invited into the Sacred Soul Temple for a guided breath, dance, and meditation with sound healing through the element of fire.

This ceremony will be held on 10/10 at 10 am, making it the third in a portal series hosted by Skylar in 2022.

Throughout this ceremony you will embark on an elemental journey through the fire. You will connect to what inspires you, receive illumination into your path forward, and experience the alchemical transformation of the flame.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. It carries the element of fire, which sparks and creates new ideas that forge ahead into the unknown. It is the leader that ignites movements to begin.

The number 10 shows up as independence, new beginnings, and great potential. In this time you may find great comfort in alone time while still remaining connected to your community. It also represents a return to unity and oneness, and the balance of the conscious and subconscious.

This comes after the 9/9 portal and Harvest Full Moon in Pisces, which drew the end of a cycle to a close, and we now move into new chapters with the 10/10 portal.

A new era is opening with the Aries Full Moon on the same day, also known as the Hunter’s Moon. This is your moment to allow the moon to illuminate your truest desires to turn into actions that activate your new life.

Your experience in this event.

You will be guided into a short series of breathwork, followed by a guided dance journey to embody the alchemical flame. 

After this dance journey (15-20 minutes in length), you will be guided down into a meditation to integrate everything you activated.

The meditation will be supported by sound healing from Skylar.

At the end you will be guided out through meditation and gentle chimes, where your guide will then hold space for you to share your visions verbally and in your journal.

Hosted in the jungles of Guatemala and available virtually for you.

It’s special note as well that this event will be held as a hybrid online & in-person event! Skylar will be hosting this journey from the jungles of Guatemala.

As you dance from one side of the screen, 20+ others will be joining Skylar from her side of the screen!

We are all embarking on this journey together, amplifying our intentions through the conscious gathering. (If you’re interested in gathering in person with Skylar for this journey, here is the link to view the Selva Sol retreat)

What do you receive from attending?

  • Connect to your inner flame
  • Illuminate a life-path forward
  • Be alchemized through the fire element
  • Amplify your intentions through the 10/10 Portal
  • Clear with the Full Moon
  • Connect to Community
  • Receive the benefits of dance, sound and breath therapy
  • Drop into deep meditation
  • Release blockages

If you’ve lost connection to your inspiration, your motivation to drive forward in life, this ceremony is for you.

Have you connected with your inner desires lately? Maybe you have, but you’re having trouble pushing them forward to make progress. If there’s something you need help starting, this ceremony is the spark you need to activate that.

The fire is here for you to illuminate what you may have lost sight of, and show the pathway forward into growth and joy.

The fire reveals. It cleanses, purifies, and alchemizes so that all that’s left is your truth. It’s time for you to embody your inner flame and learn to harness its power, your power.

You will activate your fire by discovering your spark, then move and embody the flame, allowing it to fully engulf you in its fires. The fire will then illuminate a pathway to you, showing you how to move forward in this time.

This ceremony will also set you up to continue nourishing your fire, instead of burning up all your energy at once.

We are moving into a season of eclipses where the energy will build up a lot, and it can be tempting to go haywire with an Aries full moon. This journey will guide you to ground into your intentions and see into the future of what you’re creating.

While this event is offered for free, Skylar is also opening this ceremony as a fundraiser for a dear Iranian sister who is gathering support to gain freedom from her oppression, so she can rise to assist other women of her land to remember who they are.

Zara is an incredible light worker helping women connect to themselves. Simply because of sharing her voice she would face being arrested if she stepped foot back into Iran. She is in the complicated process of moving from Turkey to Thailand now, and she needs your support.

If you feel called to help Zara and her cause her people, please donate with this gofundme link: https://gofund.me/c415a7c3

Receive support and guidance in your self-love journey: Join the Human Beauty Movement Community for updates, inspiration, and events.

How to Prepare Your Space for this Event

  • Set up your sanctuary as if you were preparing a temple for your inner god or goddess.
  • Prepare space to MOVE! 
  • This journey includes movement. Even if that’s just a hallway or kitchen space, your dance floor is where you make it! (Although, ideally, you have a comfortable space where you can both dance on the floor and stand)
  • Set up your space so you can sit somewhere for meditation as well. Have a journal, pen, and water nearby.
  • Headphones are highly recommended for this ceremony.
  • Turn all your devices to do not disturb (better yet airplane mode!), tell your loved ones you’re taking some god/goddess-time, and choose a spot where you will have full comfort and privacy to fully express yourself.

About Skylar Temple Singer

Skylar Temple Singer is an awakened angelic guide who creates sanctuary for awakening souls to arrive home. Multidimensional intuitive visionary, sound alchemist, yoga instructor, performer, and soulpreneur, Skylar is here to guide you into creative and cosmic alignment with the unique magnetic blueprint that you were born to embody!

Healing with sound now for over two years, Skylar has guided hundreds of souls through sacred soul journeys into deeper resonance with themselves and the world around them, including high performing corporate teams like Salesforce and Avant Stay.

Skylar has been dancing since she could crawl with extensive years of training in ballet, modern, jazz, aerial arts, and more. She is a certified Temple Body Artist, with which she practices dance embodiment journeys to awaken the God and Goddess in everyone.

Skylar holds everyone she meets in unconditional love, unwavering presence, and compassionate grace. The sanctuary Skylar creates for others gives them the space to deeply relax, feel freedom, and dive into the shadows knowing she is always there to guide them back to the surface.

Learn more about Skylar at:


IG @skylartemplesinger