Marlow & Daughters

Marlow & Daughters is a whole animal butcher shop working directly with local and regenerative farms.

They have a unique approach to sourcing their products, focusing on partnering directly with small family farms in New York State. These farms prioritize ethical and sustainable practices, ensuring that the animals have plenty of space to roam and are fully pastured. The red meats are exclusively grass-fed and grass-finished, while the pork and chicken have ample access to natural forage. And there are never growth hormones or preventative antibiotics fed to these animals.

By making a purchase at their shop, you are not only getting high-quality meat but also supporting local farmers and contributing to the preservation of farmland. They are also committed to sustainable agriculture, helping the regeneration of the environment through soil conservation.

Because it is a whole animal butcher shop, they also sell bone broths, rendered fats, and treats for your pets.

It’s also a cute place to grab a bite, pick up local produce and other provisions.

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