Jason Scott Clothing

Jason Scott is slow, sustainable everyday basics that feel anything but ordinary. The garments are an investment, designed to be cherished and worn time and time again. Their super-soft t-shirts are specifically designed to last for a remarkable three years or more, in contrast to the disposable nature of many garments that are discarded after a single season.

Their custom-made fabrics is sourced from Peru, a GMO-free country. Their soft cotton is is the highest quality of cotton available, utilizing natural seeds which are meticulously planted by small family-owned farms using time-honored techniques. Everything is sustainably-treated and milled with great care, avoiding the use of harmful pesticides and minimizing water consumption during the dyeing process to reduce waste.

The brick-and-mortar boutique in Tribeca is by appointment only, but worth a trip to see the immaculate space & merchandising.

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