AIRE Ancient Baths New York

A candlelit underground sanctuary in the heart of Tribeca, AIRE Ancient Baths makes for a magical and sensual experience. It’s a romantic date idea, even if you are romancing yourself.

Housed in a renovated 1883 textile factory, the AIRE feels both modern and ancient. You step underground into a magical grotto. The brick walls and alcoves are lit by hundreds of candles. Softly illuminated baths of different temperatures fill the space and, because they keep the guests to a minimum, the spas each feel private and hidden.

You can come to enjoy the baths at your own pace, which is luxurious and heavenly on its own, or uplevel your experience with a treatment.

If you come on a date, I highly recommend the 45 minute full body massage for two. I did this with my sister because it was less expensive than getting two individual massages and we love going to spas together. But it doesn’t take much imagination to guess this would be a highly romantic experience with a lover.

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