You Are Right on Time: Rewilding the Present Moment with Astrology

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Our relationship with time is broken.

We are meant to live in the present moment, but we spend far too much time thinking about past regrets or worrying about the future.

Britten LaRue of Emergence Astrology has developed this incredible workshop to show you how astrology is the key to living in the present.

You can stop thinking so much about past regrets and worrying about the future.

Imagine how much you’d enjoy your life with less guilt, less shame, and less anxiety.

Healing with astrology means increasing your ability to trust.

Past experiences won’t weigh you down and you won’t feel compelled to try to control things beyond your control.

You won’t lose sleep trying to manage imagined future problems.

Living in the present moment means you actually get to live your life in flow.

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Join us and you will…

☽ Why living in the past or worrying about the future amplifies guilt and shame

☽ Techniques to strengthen your connection to the present moment

☽ Somatic and energetic practices to unshame your past

☽ How living in the present will help you manifest an aligned future

Guest Expert

Britten LaRue helps you access mystical tools to intuit your way in the dark. She is an astrologer, mentor, and author who speaks from the wells of her own lived wisdom.

Britten is a former academic, single mom, lover, and magician. Creator of Emergence Astrology, Britten’s goal is to conjure resonant language from her own truth in order to illuminate the truth emerging inside of you.

Love for Britten💜

“I am forever grateful to Britten LaRue for being my brave and wise guide. Her authenticity and fierce gentleness is exemplary, a model for what is possible when we listen and trust.” – Mary Schuch

“Britten’s approach is deeply holistic. Britten brings her whole self, modeling what it looks like to build a professional practice with sincere reverence for our soul-level calling as its foundation. She shares nourishing practices you can adapt for yourself at different stages of your emergence as a worker in the spirit realm.” -Jonathan Koe

Your Host 😉

Jenner Linden | Renowned Business Coach and the Creatix of The Wild Ones, a membership portal + sacred community for seekers to heal deeper, expand their consciousness, and transform their lives.

Jenner’s approach to life and business is, well… radical. Combining secret business hacks with modern neuroscience and ancient wisdom has helped her (and her clients) create a wildly successful brand that resonates with thousands of people who attend her live events each month.

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