What is Tea? / Fundamentals of Tea Appreciation

about this event

All tea comes from the same plant – Camellia Sinensis (cam-MEE-lee-ah sin-EN-sis). The tea plant is an evergreen (sometimes kept as a bush, sometimes a wild tree). 

Its leaves and buds are picked, processed, and then brewed into tea. Tea originated in China – It is thought that tea cultivation dates back to around 6000 years ago when the plant was used as a vegetable or medicine and not necessarily as a beverage. 

As tea is grown in multiple countries, the styles and overall taste profiles of individual teas vary regionally. Many cultures and countries have grown tea for centuries and each of these tea growing regions have specific cultural practices around the brewing of tea that have been cultivated throughout history.

Join us to learn the essential theory and practical vocabulary of tea culture: tea types, classic processes, traditional brewing methods and appreciation. 

We will provide a printed reference guide for each guest where you can go back to keep up your practice.

This experience is offered by tea artist Joe Librandi-Cowan, who drinks, enjoys, writes about and photographs tea for a living.