The Puerh Experience

about this event

Dive deep into the world of Puerh tea, the quintessential Chinese tea from Yunnan Province, believed to be the birth-place of all tea. Sit with an experienced and knowledgeable instructor to learn about and taste the uniqueness of this type of tea: two different processes are fundamental to the way puerh tea ends up fermenting and maturing: Sheng puerh vs Shou puerh, energetics and flavors in each one. You will have the chance to experience hands-on the best brewing processes for Puerh tea: teaware, water temperature, steeping time and appreciation.

We will provide a printed reference guide for each guest where you can go back to keep up your practice.People in yunnan has been making puerh tea for a long time, in small farms, families gathered leaves, processed them and made tea that they would consume and sell. The cultural revolution of the comunist era anihilatedthe private production of puerh tea and started the era of the factory tea, erasing traditions andrecipies. People forgot how to make tea the old way until experts and scholars from Taiwan came to Yunnanin the 1990s with samples of vintage aged puerh, and with the help of a few older Yunnanese tea makersthey worked back their way from the tea samples and re-created the process of artisanal sheng puerh making.Today we can enjoy again puerh tea made in small farms and private factories, often from leaf materialcoming from wild forests and old or even ancient trees.