Virtual TEAtorial

about this event

A fun, communal tutorial on the simple Gongfu style of brewing. We supply the tea!


An interactive gathering and tutorial of simple Gongfu style brewing — a nod to the popular and time-honored brewing method of Gongfu Cha.


Gong Fu means ‘effort’ and Cha means ‘tea’… So with Gongfu cha (tea with effort), the implication is that time — practice — and dedication can produce a profound and playful tea experience that you can enjoy yourself or share with others. This brewing method is analog, a sensory-rich experience that will slow you down and provide a container for self-reflection.


What’s Involved:

Bring a teapot (or any brewing vessel), a cup / mug / bowl, and all of your senses.

We mail the tea to you. During the session, we will explore the aromas, flavors, and sensations together — a meaningful shared experience…even virtually over zoom!


Register by February 21st and email your mailing address to We’ll send you a package of tea to enjoy during our gathering!


Who is this for:

Anyone and everyone! No prior tea knowledge is required. Space is limited to 15 guests.

About Adam Yasmin

Adam Yasmin is a lifelong student of Chinese tea culture, having practiced Gongfu-style brewing for the past 15 years. He’s a former UX designer and currently facilitates immersive tea experiences for groups both in-person and virtual. Adam’s a certified digital well-being educator and emotional well-being coach working 1:1 and with teams.

Praise for Adam:

Adam’s tea ceremony for our event was exquisite. It was not only a beautiful aesthetic experience, but also a deeply bonding one for all the participants—and the state that everyone was left in (after many cups of incredible tea) was truly the perfect combination of relaxed and focused for the event’s next activities. I would highly recommend the service for teams, workshops, intentional parties, and any other setting where a unique social and meditative experience is called for. – David Burns, The Business Monk

“We LOVE Adam! Adam has come to have tea with my team at the Bruce Lee Family Companies more than once, and each time it is a wonderful experience. The experience is one of quiet bonding and presence. We get to take intentional time to be calm, centered, and connected, and in that, we are open and bonded in the best of ways – with quiet awareness and appreciation for one another and for the moment. My team loves the experience so much that we have Adam come back throughout the year to sit with us. He is pure magic. Adam’s presence sets the tone and permeates the space with a joyful quietude that is both relaxing and uplifting. We all leave the experience feeling reset and nourished. We are so grateful for his supportive presence!!” – Shannon Lee, Bruce Lee Family Co.