Vardankar WorldWide Seminar

about this event

VARDANKAR, The Ancient Science of Out of body Soul Projection, or Tuza Travel, goes back way before any time in human history. It is the natural method of Soul leaving it’s body and returning back to the Godhead.” Allen Feldman

Seminar topics will include but are not limited to…
*How to Soul Project to except more of God’s HURAY’s Love, Light and Sound.  
*Overcoming doubt and unworthyness to step into your true self and reach Self and God Realization. 
*How to Deepen Awareness and Knowingness in the God Worlds (Levels of Heaven).
*An opportunity to ask questions, gain tips and even have a session with the Master (teacher Mastered in Soul Traveling).
*Learn Total Reliance on God, HURAY.

Students of VARDANKAR have been trained in secret practices of out of body travel in which the student can learn to consciously visit these much higher levels of heavens called the Pure Positive God Worlds, worlds of pure white spirit light, holy sound and seeing, knowing, being and a profound sense of freedom unlike anything they have ever experienced before.

There will be:
*Several Talks by Gah-Shy-Zah, Heatherji, the Outer Living VARDAN Master and of course guidance from the Margatma, the inner Living VARDAN Master Fubbi Quantz. 
*Uplifting workshops (How to move out of body to work with Ancient VARDAN Master s in Wisdom Temples in different levels of heavens.)
*Talks and Panel Discussions by VARDANKAR Initiates.
*VARDANKAR Round Tables. (Attendees can share their spiritual experiences or insights in a discussion.  
*Creative Arts and Spiritual Music and Theater.