TUNING IN – Time to realign with your peace and prosperity

about this event

Disrupt the momentum of stress, self doubt and scarcity by learning 5 practices that keep you aligned with Peace and Prosperity.

The first Tuning In workshop was such a powerful experience we’re doing it again! 

  • “That was incredible! You bring such peace to my heart with your words.” – V.K
  • “A soul-expanding class. Thank you with my whole heart for the catalyst of change that you are, for the gift of inner peace that you brought, and for the blessing of a new perspective that I now have — linking my peace directly with my prosperity.” – D.L
  • “What a beautiful gathering and ceremony.” – S.S

In this workshop I’ll guide you through 5 exercises that will realign you with the very real broadcast of support, resource and guidance always flowing to you. Walk away with renewed confidence in yourself, in your inner knowing and self guidance.

Nothing changes until something changes … so make time to disrupt the day in and day out mindset and momentum of stress, worry, self doubt, fear and scarcity. This is the necessary first step to create an opening for peace and prosperity to get traction in your life.

You’ll rediscover resources, strengths and possibilities available to you now. You’ll also come to understand the liberating truth of where and who you really are … and it will quell your self judgements and fill you with relief!

Take the 5 practices I’ll teach you and use them for the rest of your life. With this knowledge you can guide yourself to the answers, peace and prosperity available within.

I hope to see you at Tuning In.

About Me:

I am a gateway. Let my gifts of initiating, catalyzing, opening ways, simplifying the complex, seeing possibility and creating change, be in service to you. I’ll bring my 20 years of experience in personal development, wellness, marketing, media, creative direction and successfully pursuing my own path to the table. You bring your authentic self and be open to receive.