Tropical Transformation Wellness Retreat

about this event

The Tropical Transformation Wellness Retreat is the soul cleansing experience on a beautiful beach-front nature resort nestled on sacred grounds in Santa Marta, Colombia. 

Crystal Healer Rashia Bell and Transformational Life Coach Hope McGrath curate empowering eye-opening workshops, decadent spa services, tropical adventures, island life lounging, unparalleled healing indigenous ceremonies from Colombian shamans, private coaching & crystal healing sessions. Get ready for out-of-this-world three-course gourmet dining and new friendships.  

The perfect remedy for stress and burn out is total rest and relaxation with some once-in-a-lifetime healing modalities in tropical paradise. 

What you can expect:

  • Luxuriate in tropical paradise at a beautiful oceanfront, nature-filled eco-resort
  • Experience radical personal transformation through multiple healing modalities
  • Private Premium Life Coaching Sessions with Hope
  • Energy Balancing Crystal Healing Sessions with Rashia
  • Daily meditation & mindfulness teachings for an elevated peace of mind
  • Participate in empowering coaching workshops designed to ignite clarity, practice self-love, dream big, set goals and invite positive change
  • Learn tools and engage in rituals for heart-centered healing and personal growth
  • Experience The Healing Powers Of Sacred Ceremonies With Colombian Shamans 
  • Indulge In A Healthy, Delicious, Gourmet Menu Consisting Of Locally Sourced Fruits And Vegetables Accompanied By Freshly Caught Fish And Lean Proteins Showcasing The Flavors Of This Region 

Sample Excursions Include:

  • Sailing Through Caribbean Waters Surrounding The Lush Tayrona Park. Swim, Snorkel, Lounge And Enjoy Sunset Views During A Perfect Beach Day 
  • Hiking Through Indigenous Mountains To Swim In The Healing Sacred Waters of The Sierra Nevadas
  • Horseback riding on the beach and through tropical scenery to sacred pools.

We would love to have you join us.

Feel free to check out for all the details and if you would like further information, email us at