Transformational Breathwork & Sound Journey

about this event

Join Eva and Nicole as they take you on a powerful inward journey using Meditation, Vocal Activation, Holotropic Breathwork & Sound. Holotropic Breathwork is a type of circular connected breathing that shifts consciousness and allows us to cleanse our bodies of any stagnant energy, any toxins, any traumas, any repressed emotions, anything inside of us that is not serving us.

The session consists of 45 min of conscious connected breathing accompanied by sound and vocal activation. Breathwork/sound sessions are a safe space to release stuck emotions. People will often report feeling high and blissed out afterward. Many times, even gaining clarity on an issue they had not known how to deal with prior.

In order to truly heal, we must tap into our bodies and really feel and process what is going on inside – the modalities you will be working with on this journey will allow you to access your internal world in an efficient and safe way and really bring you back into your heart space <3