The Wounded Healer Training: Wild Lovers Edition

about this event

The Wounded Healer Training is an 8-week personal, spiritual & relationship training that teaches you the tools to: 

Reparent your Inner Child

Revive your now (and future) Relationships

Reinvest in your Ritual and Self Care Practices

We use practices and tools through the lens of Tantra Yoga, Esoteric Astrology, Embodiment & Holistic Health practices, Somatic Movement and more-addressing the fact that EVERYTHING is interwoven and connected.  

Our Relationships. Our Authenticity. Our Wounds. Our Gifts. Our Health. All of it.

We often spend years, if not lifetimes, running from our core wounds. The problem is, they are also carrying our core gifts. The key to healing fear, shame and intimicy issues is through relationship.

  • Do you feel like it is difficult to speak your needs in your relationships? 
  • Do you notice yourself stuck in relational patterns that are unsatisfying or unhealthy? 
  • Do you long for more sexual intimacy and clear communication in your love life?
  • Do you want to learn more about being with death and grief in healng ways? 
  • Are you curious how to expand your relationship to money and abundance? 
  • Do you want to learn how to regulate and co-regulate your nervous system with friends and lovers during difficult moments to bring in ease and safety?

We need spaces to practice being present with what is difficult. Our gifts will guide us to the magnificent and scary path of what matters most to our hearts. The key is approach them with love. To get through the fear of our gifts, we learn to relate to them, and open to support.

What you Receive in the Wounded Healer Training:

  • Eight weekly LIVE (and recorded) 90-min classes with Adriana 
  • Two Question + Response Sessions (dates tbd)
  • The Wounded Healer Manual and Practices
  • COMMUNITY SUPPORT. Connect with other Wounded Healers and share with one another your experiences through our teachable course, meetings, and group texts.
  • TEXT access with Adriana where you will receive Wounded Healer Teachings and practices.
  • Relational and intimacy tools and tips on creating deeper pleasure, passion and purpose.
  • Lesson with our incredible team of Guest teachers… 

The Ascension Seed on Healing Blocks around Money and AbundanceDeath Doula Matt Dwyer on being with grief: yours and others Dr. Varsha Choudhari on Dealing with AngerDavid Wagner on Wild Creativity and Kundalini ShaktiJeff Hinshaw on Astrology Wounded Healer + Chiron

Meeting Schedule:Each class will be recorded and sent the following day for those that cannot attend the Live sessions. 

We will begin Saturday, March 6th 10amPST and then meet every Saturday at the same time (via zoom) with April 24th being our last Live session.

To learn more about this training and the details on what you will be learning and receiving, please visit: