The SoulSong Ceremonial Concert – online –

about this event

1 on 1 songs co-created with pure love.

Lex Empress sings and channels the SoulSongs in the moment and explains the visions after each song.

She will use her 4,5 octave range and sings them in 7 languages!

Truth is that if you haven’t seen Lexy do this you have never seen such a thing before. 

She has the unique skill to combine music and vision creating personal medicine songs

Life changing, soothing, beautifying, calming, hopeful, clarifying and above all amazing artistry.

This will be an online improvised and channeled ceremonial concert and absolute unique experience where individual SoulSongs are played in the moment through vision and with great musical skill. 

The piano is played intuitively by Gilian Baracs.

Join and get your 1 on 1 personal song that will be sent to you afterwards completely mixed and mastered for 111€.

Zoom link is shared after ticket is confirmed!