The Power of Conscious Communication

about this event

1 day immersive experience dedicated to:

enhancing the power of consciously listening and speaking 

You’re invited to take part in this first-of-its-kind event series, intentionally designed to practice and enhance your active listening and empowered speaking. Through the combination of quieting the mind, moving the body, and gathering in a collective space that supports speaking freely and listening deeply, you will learn powerful new techniques that will dial up your communication and improve the way you relate, speak, and listen to yourself and others.

You will leave this experience with perspective shifts, transformational tools, and a newfound empowered approach to navigate your inner and outer communication, all through learning (and perhaps mastering) the art of conscious communication.

Hosted on 3 separate Fridays in August at LA’s most creative and holistic workspace, Second Home, you have three chances to harness your own power of communicating consciously. During each experience, you will be provided with a nourishing lunch from La Despensa, Second Home’s personal on-site cafe, as well as fresh coffee in the morning and lite snacks in the afternoon. Choose one date or all three, you are welcome to participate more than once, sharpening your listening and speaking skills with every experience joined. Here’s a sample of the programming + agenda:


Clearing + Meditation

How are you…really? You are welcomed into the space with an essential internal check in—a moment to pause, ask, and receive the truth of how you really are. All answers are welcomed. Next, we ground into the present moment. We begin the experience with a brief guided meditation. By quieting the mind, the heartspace begins to speak.


We will move straight into an immersive, musically driven yoga class. By getting out of the head and into the body, we attune to a deeper, more active practice of listening. Letting the music be the guide, your body will be immersed and your senses dialed in.

Group Inquiry + Discussion

Inquiry is at the center of learning. We will end our morning session by breaking into a dynamic group discussion, all with the intention of speaking freely and listening deeply.


Shared Lunch

Continued community connection shared through the nourishment of shared meals. Personally catered by Second Home’s La Despensa in-house restaurant, enjoy the delicious and delectable taste of one of LA’s finest. Coffee, tea, and afternoon snacks will also be available and plentiful.

Communication Workshop

A collaborative workshop dedicated to learning, practicing and understanding the importance of conscious communication. True in its nature, the workshop is encouraged to be interactive and rooted in intentionality. The way you view listening and speaking will be transformed.

Group Inquiry + Discussion

Inquiry is at the center of growth. We will end our experience by breaking into a dynamic group discussion, all with the intention of transforming how we connect with ourselves and others.

Your facilitator, Mindy Fetzer, of Liberté will help you connect the dots between building lasting, more impactful connections with yourself and others. Mindy is the founder of Liberté, movement instructor, and wearer of many creative hats, including but not limited to: retreat host, and facilitator of The Artist’s Way. As a coach and wellness facilitator, she consciously guides purpose-led brands and individuals to maintain inner and outer freedom, while working towards bigger projects, higher purpose, and richer life. Her sweet spot? Wielding the powers of mindfulness, movement, communication, connection, and creativity.

You can learn more (and get a sneak peek at all programming + details) at: