The Flow State Method: Weekly Planning For Highly-Distractible Creatives

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Want to the #1 productivity habit for improving focus and productivity?

It’s something that 98% of people neglect…but the highest performers nearly always do it.

What is it? Pre-planning your week.

I’ve created a simple process I call the Flow State Method to pre-plan your week in less than 20 minutes.

Here’s how it works:

1. Set 3 clear goals that will achieve for your week.

2. Schedule the most important activities in your calendar for each morning.

3. Learn a 3-part visualization, breathing and mindfulness exercise to focus your mind and release anxiety and tension.

4. Join our virtual coworking accountability group with “body-doubling” if you need some extra accountability.

5. Identify your biggest distractions and procrastination triggers so you can outsmart them.

6. Create a web browser environment where you can only do single-minded focus on your chosen activity.

7. Then do more in one week than you previously did in weeks.

It’s that simple.

Join me for my next live online workshop to learn the entire process and install a foolproof accountability system that will make you reach your weekly goals with consistency.

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