The Fertility Gathering

about this event

A virtual gathering of women looking to empower themselves & bring the magic back into the journey to becoming a mother.

We are bringing together a gathering of women on their journey to motherhood and a group of incredibly wise women who have immense knowledge surrounding fertility, conception and motherhood.

The Fertility Gathering will take place over one night and two days on Zoom. You’ll have the option to purchase a full ticket to attend all the events, or there are a la carte options if a certain session is calling you versus a whole deep dive. Every purchase of the full ticket includes access to The Foundation membership for one month, so you’ll have access to all the sessions from this gathering as well as all of Bija’s past courses.

While many of these sessions will teach you ways to support you physically on this journey, the real magic is to be found in the depths of all the wisdom these teachers bring to us. Whether you are just starting on your journey and have the excitement of what’s to come, or you’ve been on the long hard road to meeting your baby, the real spirit we want to infuse into this gathering is that there is magic in the process. 


6:00 PM | Nourished Fertility with Mia Hay

7:45 PM | Opening Ceremony with Katerina Alegria


12:00 PM | Nutrition & Herbs for Balanced Hormones with Carley Nadine

1:30 PM | Fertility From the Heart: How Our Personal Stories Shape Our Outcomes with Dr. Danica Thornberry

3:00 PM | Proactive Fertility Care & Testing with Emily Jensen


12:00 PM | Fertile as a Way of Life: The Chinese Medicine Perspective on Fertility with Ivy Lee

1:30 PM | Awakening Fertility Keynote with Amely Greeven

3:00 PM | Closing Ritual & Ceremony with Adrienne Fisher