about this event

​Join International Dating & Relationship Expert, Angela N. Holton, for this powerful 2 hour workshop on Conscious Dating. 

Dating in a modern world can be very confusing and frustrating. Angela knows the emotional anguish all too well, which is why she created The Conscious Dating Method™: Modern Dating For The Modern Woman, a revolutionary approach toward dating. 

The Conscious Dating Method shifts the narrative of dating from “seeking” love to “becoming” the love we seek, and through this simple, yet radical new mindset, Angela’s clients are dating again after years of non-dating, cultivating long term relationships, and building greater confidence and self-love. 

The Conscious Dating Method™ Workshop is for any woman that is tired, confused, and frustrated with their current dating or non-dating life and want to date with greater intention, self-awareness, and self-love and attract higher quality dates. 

What to expect from this event:

You will experience an intimate and fun conversation with women sharing similar stories around today’s dating. You will be gently guided and led by Angela who will teach you transformational tools to: help you shift your mindset around dating, change how you date, grow deeper in self-love and improve your relationships. If you’ve gone years without dating and can’t understand why, Angela will show you in this workshop how to start dating now. Her mission through this workshop is to support women in releasing any feelings of “desperation” in dating and instead feel more empowered.

In this two hour workshop you will experience:

  • A guided meditation 
  • The 5 Principles of Conscious Dating 
  • Tools to date with greater self-awareness & self-love
  • Strategies to become clearer on your ideal partner and the type of relationship you desire. 
  • Tips to navigate online dating with more fun and empowerment
  • The common pitfalls to avoid while dating
  • Quick tips to help you start dating now
  • Workshop handouts & Exercises
  • Q&A