The Ayurvedic Cooling Rituals and Routine for Summer

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Summertime, especially during the peak of Summer may make some of us experience excess anger, restlessness, irritability, heartburn, excessive body heat, sweating, skin rashes, acne, excess stomach acidity, peptic ulcers. According to Ayurveda, these are signs of aggravated Pitta or the Fire element in the body. 

Learn how to use diet and lifestyle changes to balance excess heat in our body using the Ayurvedic wisdom of living by the seasons. 

Kartikeya Talreja is a Los Angeles / Mumbai-based certified Digestive Health and Lifestyle coach in Ayurveda and founder of Yoga of Eating. His approach is not only to help people heal via achieving balance in their life but also to live life in harmony with the principles of Nature. He helps people heal using the core principle of Ayurveda ie “Like increases Like and Opposites Balance “.


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