about this event

Vajra is leading a 6 day visionary painting course called “The Art of Magic” at Mystic Manor in Venice, CA January 27th through February 2nd as part of the Mystic Hearts Visionary Art Academy’s limited edition art instruction series featuring teaching by brilliant visionaries from around the world.

During our time together we will be creating two paintings: one from a state of pure abstraction and curious exploration of intuition and chaos, the other story telling piece – something you feel compelled to create that you’d like to delve fully into in class. Scroll to the bottom for examples 

As we work on these projects, He will detail my technical skills as well as his philosophy on Vision, Myth and Magic, as his approach is one that weaves them all together. He will share  his skills and mentorship as a painter, as well as what guides his practice and explain the true power behind his creations. 

Through this course You will be empowered as you journey through harnessing infinite potential – that beautiful and most powerful force of the universe; Creation. 

Each day will start with a 3 hour session followed by a one our lunch break and another 3-4 hour session. The morning session will focus on a talk and slideshow, and demonstration of techniques. We will also get to work painting during this session. 

The second session will be primarily devoted to practice hours working on our individual projects while Vajra  provides one on one mentoring, answering any questions you may have. 

All materials will be provided but if you’d like to bring some of your own paints, brushes, or a canvas, you’re more than welcome to. Table top easels will be provided, but again if you prefer to stand please bring your own.

While this class is open to anyone wishing to learn what vajra has to share, it is generally recommended that you have some familiarity with painting, or at least drawing with a desire to paint. However, some of the techniques covered in the course will allow participants to make beautiful art with no prior experience. One thing is required however – that you come with at least an idea, if not a sketch, of a painting you would like to create in the course – If you feel so compelled, you can even start the drawing or bring a painting in progress that you would like to develop further or complete in the course. 

There are 9 spaces in house for the six days with full accommodations, vegan and gluten free breakfast lunch and dinners by house chef Ian Trees.

Five additional spots available for those wishing to stay off site and come just for the course. Optional meals for those staying off site, but if you choose to feed yourself, please bring a lunch so we can all sit together and eat, talk and bond during lunch between sessions. 

What you will receive by the end of the course 

·      Two paintings created in the course. We will aim to complete to small paintings beginning to end – if they aren’t complete, you’ll at least be well on your way by the time we wrap up. 

·      New techniques that will help you achieve what you envision 

·      Sense of freedom in exploring the unknown as well as confidence in executing what you want how you want it

·      A copy of the slide show used in the course including a detailed breakdown of my techniques, recommended reading etc. 

·      A video recording of the class itself, which is later going to be offered as a pre-recorded, internet-based teaching seminar. 

·      33 minute phone or skype follow up mentoring session – after we go our separate ways, vajra will follow up at your request with a half hour consultation to use when you see fit regarding any questions that arise on your journey as an artist

·      Ongoing Online support. We will create a facebook group for the members of the class in which we can post our paintings from the class and beyond. The purpose of this group will be for all of us to be able to provide constructive criticisms or to post when we have questions
community, lifelong friends and allies in the world of art. By the end, I’m sure we’ll all be good friends far beyond the classroom. 

If you’re interested Vajra is happy to talk more and answer any questions. You can call him at +19498133865 or email vajra@altaroftheheart.com and He’ll get back to you as soon as possible 

“I can’t wait to share what I have to teach with you and genuinely can’t wait to teach you. I’m overflowing and so grateful for this opportunity to share what I know and help you make the world a more beautiful and magical place.
Thank you sincerely and so much!”