Seasonal Tea Through the Lens of the 5 Elements w/ Colin Hudon

about this event

The Taoist Five Element framework is an ancient, powerful guide for living in harmony with the Earth and aligning wellness, spiritual, and Tea practices with the cycles of the seasons. The foundational philosophy of all of Chinese Medicine, the Five Elements profoundly reconnect us with the Tao and deepen the practice of a life of Tea.  

Dive into an introduction to the Five Elements and the world of seasonal tea. Explore the essence of tea genres stemming from the Camellia sinensis plant, intricately woven with the wisdom of the Five Elements. Like a timeless compass, Taoist principles guide us to sync our tea rituals with seasons, deepening our connection to a life enriched by tea.

Workshop includes tea ceremony followed by instruction, discussion, and Q&A. 

Guided by Colin Hudon, physician of Chinese Medicine, founder of Living Tea, and student of the Leaf for more than twenty years.