Manifest Money with Energy Tapping

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Clear money blocks and open pathways to receive more money.

  • Dread looking at you bills?
  • Tired of just living paycheck to paycheck?
  • Worried about where to get more money?
  • Want more money to upgrade your life (new car, home, vacation)?

Now, you can learn and experience a simple, self-use, easy-to-use technique that can clear money blocks and open pathways to receiving more money.



  • YOU ARE WHAT YOU BELIEVE. Traditional beliefs and old stories about money keep us stuck in a lower vibration, than the immensely valuable version of who we truly are.
  • YOU ARE WHAT YOU DON’T WANT. What you don’t want is the strongest force in the universe, keeping you from what you do want (financial prosperity).
  • WE LIVE LIFE FROM INSIDE OUT. Unsettled, unresolved, emotionally challenging experiences about money live within you, keeping you from receiving your true value.

No matter your money stress or situation, Energy Tapping can work for you!


✓ Shift and clear old money stories, beliefs, and experiences that keep you in lack

✓ Spark new thoughts that can create new beliefs about receiving more money

✓ Set new expectations that match your true inner value

What You’ll Need:

· Comfortable, safe space

· Wear comfy clothes, water bottle (optional)

Get grounded, then with a group meridian energy “tap-along” to release old money stories, beliefs, and stress, and then begin to shift energy towards sparking new ideas, thoughts, and beliefs that bring the flow of financial abundance.

What’s Energy Tapping?

A self-use acupressure technique that shifts how you feel and experience stress. Literally tapping on energy points, using your fingertips, sends a calming message to the brain and body. Tapping can transform and reprogram unresolved past into peace and wisdom, and supports opening pathways to new expectations.

Shifting away from stress can free the energy to flow in a new direction.

Tapping can be used anywhere, anytime, to provide in-the-moment relief and shifting of energy. It’s a living skill that can be used to decrease stress and worry and increase self-worth and self-confidence. When we hold onto stress, the body’s energy system stays in a state of overwhelm, which tapping shifts to restore balance. Tapping can be used to address and resolve nearly every stress that life can throw at us.

About Suzanne Gundersen

Suzanne Gundersen is a Speaker & Mentor of Somatic Stress & Trauma Release Solutions that are self-use, easy to learn, and empower people on a healing journey to naturally transform their stress, experience important breakthroughs in trauma, and become self-healers.

Suzanne’s personal struggle with chronic anxiety and emotional eating led her to seek alternative approaches that helped her shed layers of dysfunction, drop hundreds of pounds, and stop the use of anxiety meds.

Along the way, she uncovered her value and now lives with self-honor, compassion, and grit & grace. In her stress release toolbox, she uses Somatic Regulation Techniques (including: TRE- Trauma Release Exercises, Somatic Orienting/Experiencing, Vagal Toning exercises, and Neuro-Energy Tapping – her unique style).

Her approach helps people reprogram and rewire their whole mind (body, nervous system & brain) to lessen and resolve chronic stress and trauma symptoms. You have got to go in to get out, and you too can transform!

Follow her on social media (YouTube, Facebook, IG, TikTok). Book a complimentary consultation with Suzanne at her website,