Take Your Power Back In Life

about this event

Reclaim your space, take back your power.

Gain understanding and how-to with three effortless self-use skills today to stress less and build confidence.

It’s your time to take back your power in life, starting today.

Join to Get Back on the Driver’s Seat of Your Life

Join this great workshop to learn and experience three effortless skills that will help you clearly understand what it takes to stop giving yourself away, take back your power, and feel more clear and confident!

What’s happening?

We’ve been living in cycles of self-betrayal, brainwashed and conditioned to give our vital energy away. We say yes when we should say no. We over-give and are left depleted. We’re living in transformative times, where we have the opportunity to learn our unique value, how to express it, and share it with the world as a service, and the first step is to take your power back.

Workshop Agenda

  • Somatic (body) exercise to reclaim your space (Hands Push Out, Orient & Mark Your Territory)
  • Bullseye Exercise (plot who and where people belong in your life)
  • Stop the Energy Leaks exercise (who, what is taking your energy)


  • Intuition Hack to get clear yes or no answers, including superman’s stance for building confidence!
  • Permission Prescription, learn how to put yourself first and get your needs met.

Who Should Join

If you’re exhausted, can’t/won’t/don’t say no to others, have been an over-giver, feel uncomfortable going first or asking for your needs to be met on your terms.

About Suzanne Gundersen

Suzanne Gundersen is a Speaker & Mentor of Somatic Stress & Trauma Release Solutions that are self-use, easy to learn, and empower people on a healing journey to naturally transform their stress, experience important breakthroughs in trauma, and become self-healers.

Suzanne’s personal struggle with chronic anxiety and emotional eating led her to seek alternative approaches that helped her shed layers of dysfunction, drop hundreds of pounds and use of anxiety meds.

Along the way she uncovered her value and now lives with self-honor, compassion and grit & grace. In her stress release toolbox, she uses Somatic Regulation Techniques (including: TRE- Trauma Release Exercises, Somatic Orienting/Experiencing, Vagal Toning exercises, and Neuro-Energy Tapping -her unique style).

Her approach helps people reprogram and rewire their whole mind (body, nervous system & brain) that lessen and resolve chronic stress and trauma symptoms. You have got to go in to get out, and you too can transform!

Follow her on social media (YouTube, Facebook, IG, TikTok). Book a complimentary consultation with Suzanne at her website, www.transformedconnections.com