Sweat Lodge Ceremony

about this event

Join us for a non-traditional sweat lodge ceremony that is focused on spiritual healing through connecting to Mother Nature, our ancestors & our soul tribe.

If you are experiencing trauma, breakdown, or loss this is a perfect opportunity to process your emotions & transmute your energy to higher frequencies.

This healing event is not for the faint of heart or anyone with serious health conditions.

Share intimate healing space with your soul tribe while we sing, meditate, share stories & sweat together.

Address:17471 Oak Creek RoadAlva, FL 33920Look for the woodsy property with the turquoise gate

The doors to this event will close at 10AM & there is some prep to do beforehand so please arrive on time.Be prepared to sweat from head to toe, so wear something comfortable & breathable.

Please bring the following:A towel1 gallon of waterA change of clothes for afterA vegan dish to share{Vegan means does not include any of the following: meat, fish, dairy, eggs, honey or anything else from an animal}$25 per person

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Feel free to message us with any other questions