Suspended Times: Encounters of Tea Rituals

about this event

Have you experienced Chanoyu? This is Japanese Tea Ceremony

Are you familar with Gong Fu Cha? This is the Chinese way of skillfuly brewing tea

Kristina and Nessim, two tea artists from different backgrounds and schools would like to share with you a newly conceived experience: offering their own Way of Tea in a unique chance to experience both Chinese and Japanese tea rituals intertwined, bringing you closer together across cultures.

Their arts meet in a simple and welcoming experience designed for a limited amount of guests, for one day only!!

This is a chance for you to access a moment of quiet meditation and engage in intimate discussion on the Spring to come.

Join Kristina and Nessim for any of the two planned sessions of combined Chanoyu and Gong Fu Cha at Puerh Brooklyn teashop in Williamsburg.