SunnyDays Presents: SOTO Method

about this event

The SOTO Method is a mix of cardio and sculpting movements designed to maximize burn and efficiently deliver a full-body workout. 

SOTO stands for Sixty on. Ten on. 

We fire up each muscle group with a 60-second isometric hold; then we sustain that burn through a series of 10 dynamic movements. And we move on. 

That same isometric hold becomes your active recovery. We optimize your time through intentional transitions: as one muscle recovers, the next one ignites. 

SOTO is an inclusive space for people of all backgrounds and fitness levels to build strength and endurance. It is a time-based practice that taps into our mental fortitude. 

Holding on for just one more second serves as a powerful physical reminder of your agency. It becomes a tangible feeling that you can carry into your life and rekindle when you need it most.