Summer Solstice Soundbath with Sean Levahn

about this event

Celebrate the longest day of the year and the summer of rebirth with beloved SEAN LEVAHN of Original Frequency! (we are so ecstatic to have him back again after so long)

As we move deeper into this future of coexistence with technology and “always on” connectivity we are becoming aware of it’s relationship to the wellbeing of our nervous systems, physical health, and mental states. 

We are discovering that our need for spaces of profound calm, deep rest,  pure silence, the beauty of nature and a host of spiritual regenerative practices is a welcomed NECESSITY to navigate our evolutionary impulses.  

The “quiet” strength of a sound bath, especially cumulatively, cannot be overstated…it’s beneficial effects upon our psyche, physiology, and energy anatomy are being ever mapped and explored.  

Joining the power of harmonic frequencies, meditation, visual artistry, and healing wisdom….you embark on a vibrational journey centered on your own willingness to surrender to peace, and deep well-being. 

These sound meditations are a frequency lighthouse, facilitated in the spirit of CALM, RESTFUL, and LOVING awareness to help us all remember that we reside in the NOW…Eternally Safe, at Home in our bodies and with each other. 

Through the power of Theta brain wave states we become…Dreamy, Spacey, Mysterious, Calming, Integrative, Restful, Meditative, Present, Vibrational, Anchored,  Mellow, Cosmic, Vast, and Galactic.

Guided by a “Sonic Pilot” with 30 years navigating the realms of Healing Dreamtime, Sean Levahn will gently fly you from your current inner landscape to one that is another rung up the ladder of your growth. 

It is always helpful to bring what you need to stay hydrated, warm or cool, be comfortable laying on a floor for 90 min., and address any personal blood sugar issues. ie…a light snack before helps 🙂 

You are welcomed to an extraordinary experience! You are welcomed HOME.