Subtle Energy Bootcamp

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6-Week Online Immersion, Nov 9th – Dec 21st

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Subtle energy is the aliveness of life. It exists within us and all around us. It is our creativity, our vitality, our life-force, our desire, and our pleasure. Subtle energy is the marrow of emotion. It is the force that evolves the universe. It is the essence of wisdom, bliss, and love. Co-extensive with our material bodies yet not bound by matter, subtle energy imbues every living cell, each breath, and indeed every atom of the kosmos. Connecting to the energy of aliveness, I expand my consciousness and come home to who I truly am.


Calling all personal-growth warriors, holistic healers, visionary evolvers, mystical pilgrims, yogis, and students of the evolution of consciousness! This immersion is for the future leaders in human growth and development. You will receive pointing out, attunement, and transmission of energies in order to connect you with the Subtle Realm.

However, this course is not about chasing higher states. The purpose of this immersion is to integrate the subtle energetic realm into our lived human experience, thereby evolving our paradigm of consciousness. Accordingly, this course will be taught from a human first perspective with a grounding in somatics: fully present in my body and adult self, I welcome the experience of subtle energy. 

Working with subtle energy, we gain tools for healing, awakening, and creativity. This course is for anyone passionate about living their most vibrant life and shining their light in the world. At the end of this immersion you will be certified to offer energy-work with clients, students, and loved ones.This course is for disciplined and committed humans who are looking to truly understand how to manage their energy from within. People who have been doing the yoga, meditation, and breathwork for years, but don’t fully understand how it’s working on a practical level. People who are seeking freedom through somatic and energetic sovereignty. People who want to understand what is it to BE energy, to BE life, to BE human.~ Course participant


Six Wednesday evenings, 6 – 8pm PST, Nov 9th – Dec 21st(with a break on Thanksgiving week)Two Saturdays, 10a – 5p PST, Nov 12th and Dec 3rdvia Zoom

There are two main forms of subtle energies: those which source from above, and those which source from below. We will be learning to work with both. Above energies include cosmic energy, angelic frequencies, Reiki, and channeled guidance. Below energies include telluric energy (ie: earth-sourced), shamanic elementals, and kundalini.

You will receive:

  • A somatic-based and trauma-informed foundation for working with energy
  • Techniques for grounding and connecting with the Earth as a resource
  • Reiki I and II attunements and certification
  • Yoga asana for building capacity to hold energy
  • Pranayama and breath techniques
  • Kundalini activation and cultivation
  • An introduction to sexual energetic practices
  • A guided breathwork journey into expanded states
  • Voice activation and song-initiation
  • A somatic-informed model for integration into daily life

Components of the immersion:

  • Six video lectures
  • Six live online group discussion and practice sessions
  • Guided practice videos – spanning yoga, reiki, pranayama, and kundalini
  • Two day-long Reiki trainings
  • Weekly small-group practice sessions
  • Online forum

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