Spring Equinox Sound Bath with Dynasty Electrik

about this event

The Dynasty Electrik Sound Bath is a magical healing journey of sound. Traditional sound healing instruments including crystal singing bowls, gong, and chimes, combined with soothing music, vocals and nature sounds to take listeners on a journey to the inner dimension of their being.

“Tones bounce from crystal to crystal as sound becomes extra-dimensional and the entire event takes on an improvisational nature of its own. Within minutes, the body vibrates and behind closed eyes, visuals ensue as the sound vibrations cleanse disharmonies of the spirit. Cascading gongs, choir-like vocals, elastic theremin—it’s nothing less than an aurally induced trip—pure of adulterants—as time passes with music evolving, flowing like an expert DJ set while the body’s physical plane transcends, turning to frequency and resonance.” via Magnetic Magazine