SPILL THE TEA: A Community Circle + Learn Self-Massage

about this event

If you need a break from family drama, over-indulging, or crowded shopping malls … or just need some space connecting back to yourself Thanksgiving weekend, join us at the Thanksgiving edition of SPILL THE TEA: A Community Circle – Saturday, November 30 at 1pm at Jupiter Soundscape in Walnut, CA. All genders are welcome.

SPILL THE TEA: A Community Circle is interactive and experiential, and our theme for November is GROUNDING IN GRATITUDE.

While we love the intention of this time, we invite a more evergreen practice of Gratitude – not only for the good things that show up in our lives, but also for those more challenging opportunities to deepen our practice of Gratitude.

Our time together will include: sharing, movement, mind-body somatic awareness, and exercises for exploring and deepening connection with self and others. This is a place to have the freedom to show up as you are, speak your truth, and be heard.

We also have a special treat: Head + Heart space massage IS self-love! Massage therapist Brittany Elliot is joining us to teach self-massage techniques to honor and heal the muscles of the head and heart space. She’ll demonstrate pressure points of the face and scalp that can relieve pressure and improve mental clarity, as well as ways to unlock the chest muscles for deeper emotional connection and physical release.

SPILL THE TEA: A Community Circle was co-created by Jennifer Huang, Jana Rae Corpuz, and Jashmine Corpuz. This month’s circle will be co-facilitated by Jennifer, Jana, and Carol Corpuz.

We welcome you into our Circle and we hope you’ll leave energized, nourished, deeply seen and heard, and connected – to yourself and a supportive circle, so that you can go and bring yourself out more fully into your families, communities, and our world.

Your Facilitators:

Jennifer Huang is a certified practitioner of the Core Energetics evolutionary process, and helps people reconnect with themselves, their purpose and aliveness through Core Energetics. evolvingbeing.net

Jana Rae Corpuz, LMFT (#104892, California), specializes in healing trauma and distressing experiences, particularly for women who have suffered domestic violence and sexual trauma. janaraecorpuz.com

Carol Corpuz is a certified Yoga & Meditation instructor based in Los Angeles, kindly teaching to support others in the community to discover the vast healing benefits of mindfulness in breath, movement and stillness. instagram.com/carolcorpuz

Brittany Elliot has trained in Swedish, Thai, craniosacral, aromatherapy, reflexology, neuromuscular, and lomi-lomi massage, using these practical ancient healing techniques to create modern therapeutic healing experiences.

Participants will need to sign the studio’s release in order to attend.