SomaWorks: BraveSpace

about this event

Contact Improvisation, Consent, and Somatic Authenticity

Connecting deeply with oneself, others, and spirit is a vulnerable and courageous act. It’s also a source point for meaning in our lives. SomaWorks BraveSpace is a communal practice of moving in order to feel our bodies, getting out of our heads and into our hearts. In BraveSpace we are willing to be uncomfortable in order to grow.

In BraveSpace we recognize the importance of navigating our edges with respect, and thereby choose a culture of consent in which we communicate authentically, listen steadfastly, and take generous action. We will inhabit our bodies through movement meditation to find inner guidance. We will explore contact improvisation as a medicine that can help us stay boldly ourselves while harmonizing with others. We will also study how to bring these potent practices to our work, relationships, and self-healing. Whether a beginner or a lifelong dancer, you will come out of this workshop with new tools for freedom, and an increased ability to carry BraveSpace with you everywhere you go. And, if you are willing you may find yourself dancing in the streets as you continue on your path.

Check out this video: This is why I believe in this work.