Solstice Chi Gong Celebration

about this event

In this celebration we will be doing breathwork to stimulate the fire element in the body. Additionally we will add Chi Gong postures to charge this energy in the heart and to expand it out through the body’s energy channels. We will continue to blend breath and movement to create an ecstatic energetic experience. The fire element has always been associated with creativity, accomplishment, and success. So we will use the powerful group energy created to plant our seeds of intention. And as in typical Summer Solstice tradition we will include a joyous and celebratory vibe to this enriching community experience. Finishing with a sound bath to tune the chakras.

Carlo Petrini is a teacher who specializes in delivering quick and effective state shifts through the energetic practices of Chi Gong. He is trained directly under renowned Taoist Grand Master Mantak Chia. And has been practicing and teaching for 20 yrs. He helps many Pro Athletes and Actors by giving them an edge through the neurological, cognitive, and super natural benefits of Chi Gong, Breath Work, and Yoga.