Sex Life Reboot: a 5-Week Online Masterclass

about this event

Do you want a reboot of your sex life? Is the magic missing from your romantic connections? Do you want to be the BEST lover you can be?

I work with couples and individuals to help them become better lovers and partners—will you join me in this powerfully transformative work? I’m hosting a 5-week online coaching masterclass to help you improve your communication, touch, and sex practices so that you can access the sexiest version of yourself.

You’ll practice using a range of tools and real-time practices that will expand your senses, deepen your awareness, and allow you explore pleasure in totally new ways. And I promise, the skills you’ll learn will transform your relationships and your sex life—whether you’re single or partnered. You will be able to make space in your heart, mind, and body and explore sex in ways that is more wild, curious, and FUN!

Are you ready? Join me to explore the depths of your own joy, connection, and erotic embodiment over five deliciously juicy weeks… start your journey to deeper connection and expanded pleasure in this class, and set up your future for more FUN!

This class is for EVERY BODY: I’m queer/kink/trans/polyam/ENM positive / affirming! Everybody is welcome here 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️


We’ll meet weekly on Zoom for 90-minute sessions over five weeks. 

Meeting dates are Sundays, June 18, June 25, July 2, July 9, and July 16.

10AM – 11:30AM Hawaii time // 1PM Pacific time // 4PM East Coast time

Here’s what you will learn!

Week 1: Opening Up to Pleasure & Sexuality 🌺

  • Envision new types of intimacy, sex, and pleasure for yourself and for your partner(s), rediscover yourself as a sexual being, learn about cultivation of intimacy and how to deepen it in your relationships and with yourself.

Week 2: Sexual Stories & Sexual Values 🧠

  • Dismantle legacy misinformation about sex, relationships, sexuality, and communication, examine your old limiting beliefs and scripts. Redefine your sexual stories and find your sexual values. Free yourself from the narratives that are keeping you from having the sex you want and the pleasure you deserve.

Week 3: Sexual Wholeness 🤗

  • SCIENCE is SEXY! Review (or learn for the first time) about how your sexual anatomy ACTUALLY works, learn about sexual response and desire (hint: it’s not what we see in the movies!) and discover how you can better understand your desire and work with it, and explore your intuition & learn to listen to your body with gentle, guided touch practices.

Week 4: Deep Erotic Embodiment ❤️‍🔥

  • Pleasure is a practice: learn to approach self touch in an experiential way, discover new ways to explore your body using skills from a mindfulness training program, and learn to PLAY with sensation and surprise.

Week 5: Playing Well with Others 💕

  • Even if you’re not currently partnered, this module is juicy and interesting, and you can utilize it right away with yourself.
  • Explore your needs/wants/desires with a unique consent framework to help you access your full-bodied YES, learn three basic Tantra practices for deeper connection, and practice deep conversations with your person (or self-reflections) to increase intimacy.