Sesiones Sagradas: Numerology with Josh Siegel

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As Pythagoras said, “Everything lies veiled in numbers.”

Join Josh Siegel for a Numerological analysis session to uncover your higher purpose as it’s encoded within the framework of your personal chart. Your name and birth date are not an accident, they’re the basis to the code that unlocks the unseen influences affecting your life. By illuminating and interpreting this code, it can allow one to better understand psychological patterns and live a more conscious life in alignment with the core self.

Once the basis of the chart is explained, a fruitful and transformational dialog ensues addressing any outstanding questions. Relationships are important as they provide clues to unresolved conditioning as well as potentials for future opportunities and growth. Upcoming cycles will be discussed in order to prepare and best utilize vibrational influences. Significant events are demystified as your life path is revealed and lessons are integrated.

Josh Siegel is a leading expert in the field of Numerology with over 20 years of experience and study of ancient sacred writings from around the world. He has devoted his life to translating this knowledge into a powerful and highly accurate system for the modern mind. By using his advanced system, he can quickly decode truths about individuals lives, their relationships and the hidden meaning behind seemingly random events. Josh was featured in the History Channel’s hit series, Decoded and is an expert for numerous outlets including The Los Angeles Times. Currently, Josh is working on a book to bring his breakthrough system to an even greater audience.