about this event

Alina and Samantha-Jane guide an investigation into our relationship with energy and how it manifests our experience in the world.

Begin with gentle fluid movements to open the pathways of the body , release tension and connect the body , breathe and mind.

Be guided into a meditation facilitating a closer relationship to the energy body. Initiating awareness between Earth, Cosmic, and Healing/Creative energy, we will address how to utilize these for your own wellbeing and that of others.

Next, we will teach hands-on techniques to facilitate facial energetic release with the added power of crystal essences from Brushfire Herbals. You will be partnered up for this part of the workshop, so enlist a partner, a friend, or enjoy working with another gifted participant. Check out our ticketing offers for a special duo rate!

We will be teaching how to ‘listen’ and respond to what the body needs and how to apply the ‘right’ pressure and ask for the ‘right’ movement to facilitate the release your partner is looking for. There is no such thing as perfection, we all evolve and grow as a continuous journey. Facilitating one another is natural! We are here to ‘apply’ our natural abilities to the next level.

Brushfire Herbals’ Crystal Essences are vibrational medicines that work specifically in the auric field to release blocks and exponentiate energetic awareness.

These tools are an offering to deepen your connection with self and facilitate harmony within, allowing you to let go of what’s ready to move and enjoy your relationship with all aspects of your environment.

We hope you can join us for a Q&A after the workshop to discuss and reflect on what we have learned.