Rose Womb Healing Course

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Rose Womb Healing

21 day semi-interactive online course

What if I tell you that you could manifest anything you want with just the tip of your fingers?

Yes, you’ve read this right. ANYTHING you want – with only the TIP OF YOUR FINGERS…

We are here to heal the traumas of the past as part of our Karma. We are collectively healing the same wounds. They might appear with different stories, yet, they all cause suffering.

What if from the beginning we were born to shame ourselves from the infinite power we hold in our hands.

Most of us had to go through intense traumas of insecurities, shame, blame, abuse, and shut ourselves completely from the power of our sexual gift. It is time to rewrite the story. It is time to empower ourselves, and to finally manifest our wildest dreams. We are here to heal the collective. To heal the Earth. To heal the world. We are the Divine feminine. We are Divine Creation.

With the tip of your fingers, you can change the course of your reality.

Calling in all Goddesses ready to heal their sacred Womb and activate the innate power of sexuality. This course will give you 21 days to rewrite your story. 21 days to manifest your dreams. 21 days to finally enjoy the pleasures of life!

  • With daily rituals
  • Weekly Zoom Empowerment meetings
  • Downloadable Sound Healing recordings
  • Weekly Light Codes Activation
  • Sexual Blueprint re-coding
  • Private Facebook Group

Are you ready to be the real empowered Goddess that you are?

Online course starting August 10th, 2020

21 day course for only 444$

About Marga Samadhi:

Marga Parvati Samadhi is a Medicine Woman, a Light Worker. Since early age she was gifted awaken psychic abilities, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and the ability to heal from Touch and Mind. She was activated with Light Language Healing at 8 years old, and has been practicing with this high end healing medicine since then.

Part of her spiritual journey was traveling around the world for 6 years, teaching and learning amongst powerful Gurus and Shamans of many cultures. She studied Shamanic Medicine in Peru, Sound Therapy in India, Spiritual Coaching in Australia, and Holistic Yoga & Ayurveda in Indonesia. During her time in Australia, she was visited by her “Light Mother” who taught her all she knows now to be Vibrational Light Medicine. With her powerful divination abilities, Marga wrote her own I-ching reading booklet to help all those in need of quick and solid answers. With 20+ years of Spiritual and Psychic Healing, Marga’s channeling of the Divine has shown miracles, and her teachings keep on evolving by the day.