Renewal: 2021 through Astrology

about this event

a two-part series on what lies ahead for those who want to take their knowledge of astrology into an intuitive and embodied space .

January 10 January 17, 2021

Sessions are from 11-1pm PST

hosted by Julien Elizabeth

Traverse with us through the themes and major aspects of 2021 in a week-long exploration of what the year ahead holds.

Our time together includes:

+ 2 two-hour live sessions, spaced apart by one week for integration, inquiry and conversation+ access to a virtual community to hold our shared experience+ daily opportunities to reflect through meditation, embodiment & practice+ The 2020: Astrology In Review Reflection Book+ a New Year, New Moon in Capricorn goal setting guidebook to carry you through the week in reflection and anticipation.

all sessions are recorded and replays are included.

Understand how you are influenced by the energies at play so you can work with them for your own renewal in 2021.

Session one: Sunday January 10

Our first session will cover a review of the houses and transits within your own birth chart so that you will be well-equipped for unpacking the major themes of 2021.Astrological content includes major transits of 2021 including:Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius and their squares to Uranus as well as Nodes and Eclipses — the dates, the themes and what this means collectively as well as for you and your individual astrology.

in between

On January 12 we encounter the ambitious New Moon in Capricorn, a powerful start to the new year. Your New Year New Moon in Capricorn workbook is the perfect tool for unpacking the astrology at play for the year to come. Full of inquiries and practices to guide you as you set intentions and focus your attention forward.

An always-on virtual community allows for daily inquiry to take shape through conversation and collaboration. Here, we can share our visions, support each other and grow together.

Session two: Sunday January 17

A continuation of what we covered in session one and the curiosities that have arisen since. We begin with questions and discussion in your exploration of your own chart as well as conversations occurring within the community.Astrological content focuses on retrograde transits (Mercury, Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus and Venus) to understand what these periods mean for you personally and how you can anticipate and align with them.