Releasing The 5 Biggest Money Blocks VIP Deep Dive

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Many people are blocked when it comes to attracting or holding onto money. This course will give you the tools to help you uncover your biggest money block and a manifestation technique to clear your money blockage. You will receive the Uncover Your Money Blocks Workbook.

This VIP Deep Dive will take the audience through step-by-step actions to releasing the 5 biggest “money blocks” holding you back from gaining confidence, clarity, and power in your financial life. 

This was my story:

There was a time when I had $200 to my name and I couldn’t even get out of a parking garage. Later that year, I had my best year. I thought this shouldn’t be my life. I was a financial planner. I knew how to create wealth, grow money, and I’ve helped my clients create more money than they thought was possible. But for some reason, I couldn’t do it for myself. I was blocked around money and all of my analytical skills couldn’t save me. Now, after releasing the money blocks that were holding me back, the doors flew wide open and led to my best year back then.

TOTAL Investment $797

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Dawn Santoriello, CFP® is the founder and CEO of DS Financial Strategies, a fee-based financial planning firm that develops customized plans designed to maximize the efficiency of your money. Located just outside Philadelphia, Dawn is focused on empowering women, couples and entrepreneurs to reach their financial goals with peace of mind and economic confidence across the U.S.   

Born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Long Island, Dawn graduated from Adelphi University with a BS in Finance. She currently lives in Yardley, PA. Away from the office, you can find Dawn living true to her Wellness and Wealth lifestyle by hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, and meditating.

#1 Best Selling Author. She has been published in numerous blogs and journals, including Wealth Planning Advisor and Let’s Talk Philadelphia and has been featured in Forbes, Investment Advisor, Market Watch, and The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Be sure to check out Dawn’s YouTube page (DS Financial Strategies) for “Financial Friday’s with Dawn”


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