Releasing The 5 Biggest Money Blocks Holding You Back

about this event

“Releasing The 5 Biggest Money Blocks Holding You Back: How A Faith Neutral Prayer For Abundance and Real World Investment Strategies Changed My Life and Can Change Yours Too!”

Summary: Men & Women want to have more money (working with the money you have), reduce debt and pay less in taxes so that they can retire rich, vacation, pay for college, buy their dream home etc. with financial peace of mind. Yet, so many feel overwhelmed by information and decisions. Some are blocked when it comes to attracting or holding onto money. Others are too busy to deal with handling their money and want to know they are using proven real-world investment strategies. This talk will take the audience trough step-by-step actions to releasing the 5 biggest “money blocks” holding you back from gaining confidence, clarity, and power in your financial life. How to invest using a simple, proven strategy. You will also learn an faith neutral prayer for abundance.