Reclaim Your Life Retreat – with Brother Ishmael Tetteh

about this event

  The Reclaim Your Life Retreat is a Powerful Mystical Intensive designed to reconnect you to your mind, soul, and body.

Many people are not aware of their Soul’s Purpose. They go from job to job, workshop to workshop picking up bits and pieces but not really knowing what is true. That stops here.

If you have been an emotional wreck, not knowing what’s really happening within you mentally or emotionally. If you’ve allowed the world’s affairs to affect you. You’re off-balanced.

This Retreat is for You!

Brother Ishmael is the Master Teacher of Nature. Working with his powerful techniques you will learn:

  • Your Soul’s True Purpose.
  • How to release what is weighing you down that is blocking your balance and affecting your mental health.
  • How to use the force field of Nature and of humanity to restore your spirit and propel you into infinite good.

Experience the renewal of your Mind – Body – Soul through a powerful healing sound bath and energy work.

Leave this retreat feeling renewed and anchored in YOU!

If you’ve wanted to experience a true Master Teacher


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