about this event

During the 5 day retreat you will have the opportunity to clear old patterns of thinking and believing so that you can live the life you desire. The Reality Formula® and the Guiding Principles of Reality will guide us on our journey towards transformation of mind and being. You will learn how to use the Reality Formula as a daily practice to gain greater clarity about who you are, and to increase focus and strengthen intention toward a life of abundance, health, and well-being. You will learn more about how to live your daily life grounded in reality, rather than feeling lost in your painful story of a limited, inadequate, self. Tools of healing and transformation will be shared and prescribed individually, as needed.

Walks in nature, and delicious farm to table meals, along with a daily yoga and alignment practice will be part of the daily offering.


Along with Rejuvenating the mind, body, and soul, you will discover:

Your Core Beliefs: where they come from, how they show up, and tools for transforming them. Unlock your subconscious core beliefs which influence your every decision. Become aware of negative core beliefs, in order to clear them, and choose to replace them with a conscious, positive belief.

Scientific & Metaphysical Laws that provide the Foundation for The Reality Formula®: begin to study the scientific and metaphysical laws behind the Reality Formula® and delve into the Inner Work of Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Transformation. Learn the origins of the Guiding Principles, and how they apply to you so that you can access these tools to experience a better life!

Practical Application of the Reality Formula® to Your Daily Life through the Guiding Principles of Reality: learn how to apply the Reality Formula® to all of your relationships. Rather than personalize and resist the unhappy story that others carry about you, learn to maintain an inner equilibrium through the practice of witnessing without resorting to projection, rescue, or attack.


The retreat is led by Lynne Forrest, who has facilitated workshops for thousands to overcome their struggles with “victim consciousness” developing healthy relationships with themselves and their minds. Lynne is a Reality Guide & Personal Growth Mentor. She was educated through a lifetime of studying and observing metaphysical life principles taught to her early in life, and learning how to apply those principles to her own life in positive ways. She has been sharing her findings with others and watching their lives transform since the seventies, and has supported herself and her family through a private practice, which was founded on those principles in 1985.

Lynne was a pioneer for co-dependency and family of origin work in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

As a perpetual student of life and consciousness, Lynne has devoted her career to studying with masters of various disciplines. Family dynamics, Jungian principles; dreams and shadow work, psychodrama and energy as well as the laws of manifestation, body oriented practices such as yoga, physical unwinding and qigong are just some of the approaches Lynne applies in her work with others.

Through her work with clients, Lynne has developed a unique understanding of how the mind works and ways to liberate it from the throes of what she calls the “victim mind”.

Lynne teaches that we react to life in one of two ways – we’re either reacting out of the victim mind or we see life through the eyes of the observer self which witnesses without judgment.

The victim mind is a state of consciousness that prompts us to react as if what we feel, believe or do is caused by something outside of us. We see ourselves as being at the mercy of our life circumstances.

The observer mind, on the other hand, understands that there is only one cause to our unhappiness – and that is what’s going on in our own mind.

What drives our mind are the thoughts we believe. Each of us operates from a set of core beliefs which create a life theme that generates the feelings which our behavior follows.

Lynne’s work is devoted to helping people find and clear the painful beliefs and ideas that have caused them distress through a process of accessing the Observer Self.