Qi Within – Qigong Introduction and Class – Balance Body Mind Spirit

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Qi Within – Qigong Introduction and Class  – Balance Body Mind Spirit with Tomm Voss

Friday, February 28th | 7 – 9 PM | $33.33

Qigong (pron. Chi kung) with world champion martial artist, and holistic health and fitness expert, Tomm Voss. 
Qigong means “ Life Force Cultivation” and is an amazing practice with many health benefits. This ancient healing meditation involving movement, intention and breath, originated in the Wudang mountains of China over 2000 years ago

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Tomm Voss is a Qigong teacher and world champion martial artist as well as a holistic nutrition, fitness and life coach. After a decade as a professional bodybuilder and fitness spokesperson, the industry took a toll on his body and Tomm was diagnosed with a severe autoimmune disease. On a journey to heal himself, Tomm became a student of Grandmaster Zhou of the Wudang Dragon Gate Qiqong lineage and learned Qigong and holistic nutrition. Through the guidance of Master Zhou, healed himself completely and cleared himself of all medications. Today, Tomm supports groups and private clients in healing themselves from imbalances and chronic illnesses such as Parkinson’s, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer. He facilitates people in learning Qigong anywhere in the world on Skype, or in-person in Los Angeles. Tomm is honored to help guide people of all ages and walks of life in achieving the balance and vitality required to live their greatest lives now.

“You’d be hard pressed to find a teacher more knowledgeable, or more disciplined than Tomm. He doesn’t just teach this. He lives it.”

— James Van Der Beek, Actor (Dawson’s Creek, Pose, Varsity Blues)

“I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s twenty one years ago. Practicing Qigong under the guidance of Tomm has been transformational to my health and wellbeing as I have become increasingly aware of the powerful healing potential within me. Tomm’s teachings have supplanted the negativity with positivity, and the hopelessness with purpose and possibility. ”

— Yvonne Latchford, Grandmother, CEO of Really Care

“Tomm has helped me understand proper balance, and helped my muscles and my mind function together… plus incredible insights as a Super Coach.”

– Paul Greene, Actor