Porridge + Puffs Presents: Riviera Seafood Club *Pop-Up Kitchen*

about this event

Skip the line and pick up your order whenever you arrive. 

What’s on the Menu?:

  • 2-day Marinated Miso Black Cod filet, served with a bed of kombu steamed rice, complimented by a Kyuri cucumber salad, and our satiating Ito family fish broth

From head to tail, our goal is to honor our protein source with the respect it deserves by using every part of the fish – where some see “waste” we find taste.

All presale pop-up orders will receive an email for a $15 off code for the next purchase on rivieraseafoodclub.com

Come enjoy a surprise musical guest and dig into some real family vibes… and don’t forget to check out our exclusive merch available for purchase!

Hope to see you there!

– RSC Family

Pick Up Time: 12 pm – 8 pm

Location: Porridge + Puffs (2801 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90057)

Date: Saturday November 6, 2021

Website: rivieraseafoodclub.com