PLENTY: Women, Worth & Wealth

about this event

What does richness and plenty look and feel like for you? 

Does it involve more time for yourself? Greater capacity to fully take in the world around you? Does it feel like abundant relationships and generosity? Or perhaps it’s more tangible financial resources to realize your purpose and vision. 

Together, we gather as a group of women to empower each other to create wealth and freedom in all its forms. 

From expressing and feeling fully, to realizing emotional and financial liberation- we’ve cultivated a group of expert practitioners to guide us into all parts of our being where scarcity resides to rewrite an internal story of abundant love and richness. 

There is power in coming together in sisterhood to support one another through this deep process of realizing self worth. We created this community of women to help reflect who we truly are and hold each other accountable to bringing this deep work out into our lived experience. 

Who this is for: 

Do you feel like you need to constantly justify your value – in both personal and professional relationships? Do you have money but lack time or space for deep connection? Do you constantly find yourself giving and feel resentful for not getting it back? Do you feel like you couldn’t possibly get paid for what comes naturally to you? 

If so, this series is for you!

What You’ll Receive: 

• Deep Healing: More than just talk, we will take you through embodiment exercises, reflective work and even vocalizing to get to the root of what’s keeping you from that richness you desire.  

• A Path Towards Freedom: We create spaces that value integration and results. As such, we focus on creating a plan to continue cultivating richness and wealth in your life and the accountability to create tangible action.  

• Community: We believe in the healing power of women, to witness each other deeply and support each other tangibly in realizing our desires. You’ll connect with incredible and inspired peers who will be here to champion each other’s success and fullness.  

• Integration + Follow-up Care: Integration is everything. We will set up follow-up groups to check in, practice and create accountability towards tangible action.  

• Those who participate in the whole series will be paired with a powerful cohort of women to deepen with over the 5 weeks and 1 month of facilitated follow-up.  

• Those who participate in the 1 off session will be paired in their own group with the invitation to follow up 1 month after their experience. 

We will embark on a 5 week journey through deep healing, empowerment and sisterhood. Each week, we’ll be guided by a power-house expert in a different domain of worth and owning our value

• Turned on Life + Leadership with Stephanie Redlener: Feminine Intelligence Advisor 

• Owning Your Story with Natalie Black + Emily Joffrion: Brand Builders & Storytellers

• Embodied Aliveness with Rei Chou: Transmission Channel + Healer

• Love + Relationship with Leah Siegel: Rockstar Healer 

• Free Your Voice + Expression with Ashley Brown: Express yo’ Self

• Worth + Money with Rhonda Pitman: Transformational Financial Advisor + Coach 

Join the entire experience or come to one specialized session of your choice! 


The first part of living a rich life is getting clear on your desire. Stephanie has worked with hundreds of power-house women to tune into their feminine desires, power, and wisdom to lead more richer lives with ease and pleasure. In this powerful session, Stephanie takes us through experiential exercises, reflection and partner work to unlock our capacity to feel more deeply and understand what it is we’re truly wanting. Join her to unlock your primal wisdom and get clear what you truly want. 

Join Stephanie for this powerful session. What you’ll get: 

  • A deep understanding of feminine intelligence principles and how to use it in your life and leadership 
  • A visceral and first-hand experience of tapping into your deep feminine desire, knowing, and intuition 
  • Experience articulating your desires 
  • Deeper connection and appreciation of your body and its innate wisdom 
  • A supportive community to witness and hold you accountable to your own pleasure practice and going for what you want 

Everyone has a story, but often we talk ourselves out of sharing it. We tell ourselves that we aren’t good enough, we worry about criticism and we fear rejection. This workshop is a bold invitation to reclaim your story — to work through resistance in a safe container and choose to develop, share and claim your own powerful narrative. 

Story has the power to help us define who we are and to be witnessed by others in that new definition. It makes the unseen visible — the ultimate manifestation of your reality. Taking ownership of your story helps you integrate experience and sharing it is the medicine of connection. It starts with re-writing our stories and seeing ourselves as we want to be known.

In this power-house team up, Natalie Black + Emily Joffrion bring their decades of experience working with some of the world’s most beloved brands and thought-leaders to help you discover your own narrative and create the space for you to begin sharing it so you can live more fully in the world. 

What you’ll get from the session with this power-house duo: 

  • Powerful narrative work that helps you understand your deep stories (including strengths and limiting beliefs) 
  • Experiential exercises that help you own your own identity 
  • Facilitated work to rewrite your life’s experiences into new and powerfully affirming narratives to live by
  • Sharing and being seen by powerful and supportive peers in your new story 
  • Accountability with a group of peers for how to live you story day-to-day 

Creativity and the freedom of expression offers a whole world of play and freedom. The feminine is all about creation and being seen and witnessed. In this powerful session, Ashley Brown takes us through sounding and expression exercises that unlock our unique codes and capacity for sacred expression of our divine frequency. 

Join Ashley for this powerfully liberating session. What you’ll get:

  • Cultivate a deeper relationship to your voice and how to use it for self healing and creative expression
  • Learn the art of improvisation and active listening as tools to actively engage your authentic emotional expression for greater creative impact
  • Develop your “Why” – where your expression coming from and how you intend to use it
  • Receive a powerful vocal activation of your own sound template through a sound healing journey with Ashley

Relationships start with the Self, and self-knowledge is understanding how the emotional body works, how it’s communicating with you to help you understand who, what and how you are. Learning how to massage the emotional body when it’s tight, stressed, or stuck, and learning how to work through traumas we both minimize or decide are too big to work through. In this powerful session, Leah Siegle brings all she’s learned through applying Emotional Freedom Technique and coaching couples with Spar Cards to support our community of women with developing strong foundations for loving and lasting relationships of all kinds. From parents to lovers, the dynamics are the same and our emotions are our gateway to richer and more fulfilling relationships in our lives. 


Join Leah for an intimate session. Here’s what you’ll get: 

  • A deep understanding how emotions drive us and our relationships 
  • Dissecting the deep stories we hold that keep us from having/holding onto thriving relationships 
  • EFT group work to help release and witness each other’s truth and realize emotional freedom 
  • Develop supportive relationships in your session group for on-going support in cultivating authentic relating with those most important to us 

Our money issues are never ultimately about money. Our relationships to money are more about how we externalize, internalized beliefs, and shifting them is about opening up to having a perspective that will allow for transformation in our own relationship with money. Manifesting is great but this session is about the divine action to realize your desires! You can sit around and think positive all day but if that doesn’t drive one’s actions then you’re not getting anywhere. In this course, Rhonda focuses on digging into addressing the beliefs that put us into money traps and the practical habits that can actually lead to manifesting what we want. Redefine how you relate to money and find a sense of richness through money and all it represents, from the inside out.

Join this incredible powerful and practical session with Rhonda. What you’ll get: 

  • A sham-free space to breakdown and dig into your money woes 
  • A deep understanding of your money stories and where they come from 
  • Tools for redefining your money relationship and your goals
  • Practices, behaviors and an templates for how to manage your finances
  • Accountability and support from an intimate community of peers 

Rei is the lead host, curator and architect of the Plenty series. As a facilitator and energy healer, she will guide participants in powerful experiential moments of connection to build not just a series of courses, but a community of powerful feminine support for leading more fulfilling lives. Rei brings her experience designing hundreds of dinners and experiences around the world to create powerful spaces of change that continue on well after the course is complete. 

What you’ll get from your time with Rei: 

  • Intimate spaces of reflection and connection 
  • Integration of your experience over time with ongoing support circles 
  • Facilitated experiences that help you ground transformation in tangible action, witnessed and supported by those in your session and/or course circle 
  • Powerful energetic and mindfulness spaces held within each session