Personal Soulsong Estatic Dance Festival Corfu

about this event

1 on 1 personal songs created from psychic vision with lots of love and beauty at the Estatic dance festival in Corfu.

Lex channels your soul through her stunning voice in divine code expressed in 7 languages. The song that your soul wants to hear is here! After the song she will explain the vision she saw!


The first songs of the festival will be played Sunday afternoon at check in and every day between 14.00 and 19.00 each day. Book now and sign up for the day and time of your choice for your song at the festival sign up on Sunday where Lexy will be playing the first Soulsongs!


You will then receive a 1 on 1 personal song that will also be sent to you via mail before the end of the festival completely mixed and mastered! So you can always listen to your song!


Soulsong is…

Life changing, soothing, beautifying, calming, healing, clarifying and amazing artistry. Every moment has 1 song that wants to be sung!

This will be an improvised and channeled concert and absolute unique experience where individual songs are played in the moment through vision and with great musical skill. You are welcome to listen to other peoples songs too anytime Lexy is playing the songs. It’s a shared experience.


Lexy sings, creates, channels and explains the visions after each song. Truth is that if you haven’t seen Lexy do this you have never seen this before. She has the unique skill to combine music and vision creating personal medicine songs

“You can find me at the sign up for the festival on Sunday where I will sing the first Soulsongs.

There you can sign up for your day and time.

Can’t wait to sing you.”