“Orgone Vimanas” Hanging Sculpture Workshop Experience

about this event

“Orgone Vimanas” are hand-made miniature, hanging orgone sculptures infused with crayon, oil pastel and aromatic oils which are then arranged in a vertical array using copper wire, metals, stone, shell, clay, wood, etc. Each vimana is hand-made using a heat-gun, non-drip candles, dyed candles, and a variety of organic materials while fusing a unique color combination, each to its own. Copper wire is used to coil the vimanas in a vertical array and fuse stones, wood and other organic materials to concentrate the energy to the endpoint which is typically a precious stone.

These sculptures are considered to be natural orgone concentrators and are placed under the doorways, entrances or installed inside the house at some special place in your home. These vimanas help increase the sensoral vibration in living place by not only bringing beauty to the eye, soothing aroma, with overall pleasantness with its presence but also the material is designed to energetically neutralize ionized emfs in your space.